Veg Brew

1 qt. - $17.00
3.3 qt. - $45.00

Use VEG BREW in all stages of vegetative growth. Mix 1-3 tablespoons per 5 gallons of water. Add worm castings if more nitrogen is needed or longer brewing time is desired.

Derived From- Kelp, Protein Hydrosolate, Alfalfa, Silica, Endo Mycorrhizae, Nettles, Soft Rock Phosphate, Wild Yam Root, Molasses, Horsetail, Humic Acid, Bacteria, Fulvic Acid, Burdock Root, Trichoderma, Sugar, Glacial Rock Dust, Turkey Rhubarb Root, Valerian, Moringa, Yarrow, Malted Barley, Yucca Extract, Aloe, Rock Dust Blend, Spirulina, Corella.

Herbal Bloom

1 qt. - $25.00
3.3 qt. - $75.00

Use Herbal Bloom Tea all stages of bloom, Start with 2 tablespoons per 5 gallons of water and increase to 3 tablespoons by late flowering.

Derived From- Nettles, Horsetail, Wild Yam Root, Burdock Root, Turkey Rhubarb Root, Kelp, Alfalfa, Moringa, Yarrow, Confrey, Spirulina, Corella, Protein Hydrosolate, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Silica, Rock Dust, Yucca Extract, Aloe Vera, Endo Mycorrhizae, Beneficial Bacteria, Molasses, Malted Barley.

Bloom Tea One

1 qt. - $17.00
3.3 qt. - $45.00

Use Bloom Tea 1 the first two weeks of bloom [0-14 days]. Add 3-4 tablespoons per 5 gallons of water. Add worm castings for nitrogen and vitality boost.

Derived From- Kelp, Alfalfa, Rock Phosphate, Nettles, Protein Hydrosolate, Horsetail, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Wild Yam Root, Endo Mycorrhizae, Molasses, Turkey Rhubarb Root, Yarrow, Beneficial Bacteria, Rock Dust, Limestone, Valerian, Trichoderma, Burdock Root, Aloe, Yucca Extract, Malted Barley, Spirulina, Corella, Chamomile.

Bloom Tea Two

1 qt. - $17.00
3.3 qt. - $45.00

Use Bloom Tea 2 from days 15-28 days of bloom. Add 3-4 tablespoons per 5 gallons of water.

Derived From- Kelp, Rock Phosphate, Nettles, Alfalfa, Protein Hydrosolate, Wild Yam Root, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Molasses, Turkey Rhubarb Root, Yarrow, Rock Dust, Burdock Root, Endo Mycorrhizae, Beneficial Bacteria, Spirulina, Corella, Limestone, Yucca Extract, Aloe, Malted Barley, Valerian, Molasses, Chamomile.

Bloom Tea Three

1 qt. - $17.00
3.3 qt. - $45.00

Use Bloom Tea 3 from days 29-42 days of bloom. Add 3-4 tablespoons per 5 gallons of water.

Derived From- Kelp Rock Phosphate, Protein Hydrosolate, Nettles, Fulvic Acid, Horsetail, Humic Acid, Burdock Root, Silica, Rock Dust, Endo Mycorrhizae, Wild Yam Root, Yarrow, Yucca Extract, Limestone, Aloe, Corella, Spirulina, Malted Barley, Valerian Root, Turkey Rhubarb Root, Molasses, Chamomile.

Bloom Tea Four

1 qt. - $17.00
3.3 qt. - $45.00

Use Bloom Tea 4 from 42 days on [great for late finishing varieties] Use 2-3 tablespoons per 5 gallons of water.

Derived From- Protein Hydrosolate, Rock Phosphate, Kelp, Burdock Root, Silica, Fulvic Acid, Nettles, Horsetail, Wild Yam Root, Rock Dust, Turkey Rhubarb Root, Chamomile, Molasses, Yucca Extract, Aloe, Malted Barely, Limestone, Yarrow, Corella, Spirulina.

Microbe Blend

1 qt. - $30.00
3.3 qt. - $80.00

Use Microbe Blend all thru vegetative stage and early bloom, especially transplanting. Mix 3 tablespoons per 5 gallons of water.

Derived FromGlomas Intradices [30per gram], Glomas Etunicatum[30], Glomas Mossae[30], Glomas Aggaratum[30], Azosprillum Brasilenise [100,000per gram], Bacillus Poloxyma [500 million], Bacillus Subtillis [80 million], Bacillus Megaterium [800 million], Bacillus Pumilus [800 million], Bacillus Amyloliquefacens [1.1 billion], Bacillus Licheniformis [1 billion], Trichoderma Kolingii [200], Trichoderma Harzianum [200], Streptomyces [200], Protein Hydrosolate, Silica, Kelp, Rock Phosphate, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Herbs, Molasses, Aloe, Yucca Extract, Rock Dust, Sprulina, Corella, Malted Barley.

Shilajit Fulvic Acid

15gm - $30.00
1 oz - $55.00

Shilajit is an exudate that is pressed between layers of rock in the sacred Himalayan Mountains. A pure fulvic acid which arose as a result of the natural proessing & mineralization remains of animals & insects, the roots of pine trees, the excrement of small animals, & wild bees waste products. In the summer it warms from its algid state and flows almost freely from the stone. It is harvested by hand and is never processed or diluted. Shilajit contains 85+ minerals in ionic form, Vitamins, Fulvic acid and very important phytonutrients. The fulvic acid in shilajit is in it's most natural and purest form. This immaculate resin like substance can seem concrete in cooler temperatures, but holding the container under warm water will soften it. Keep at room temperature for best results.

Directions for use: One rice grain size dose per gallon of water dissolved in warm, non-chlorinated water. Apply once weekly. Add to your reservoir in addition to your existing regimen. Only adds 10-20 ppm and is 100% water soluble and is safe for aeroponic systems, watering wands, or drip-feed systems of any kind. Foliar Spray once every 7-14 days for Integrated Pest Management.

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